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Ultimate Liquid Cleanse & Detox- Individual Bottle System

Ultimate Liquid Cleanse & Detox- Individual Bottle System

Ultimate Liquid Cleanse- Bottled to Drink & GO!


Love Our Original Cleanse, but

No mixing, no pouring..


🥬WHY Cleanse🥬
we all eat a lil too much of this, & sip on a lil too much of that- but that's enjoying Life...
Reset, Refresh, then get back on your Balance Game with a true, all-natural, & really easy to follow Cleanse....
🍏🍏A+ Cleanse/Detox🍏🍏

so are YOU ready- LET'S GO!!

✨Cleanse, Detoxify, Rejuvenate✨
🌱reset/charge boost metabolism
🌱Cleanse Digestive System
🌱Detoxify blood, organs, body
🌱Feel Refreshed/Energized

Don't want to think about any meal prep - and want it ready to go in a second? Then this Ultimate Cleanse is definitely for you. Get 2 Cleansing Smoodees per day, 2 Delicious Meal Replacement Shakes per day and all the benefits of our Deep & Power Cleanse. Your body will Love You!



14 sweet greens (just shake & go)
14 Delicious Almond shakes 
7 Immunity Shots (drink half in am, half at night)

*Note this one, as no mixing with the pumpkin seed powder will not contain as much Iron & protein- great for a picky first timer, or someone not seeking a serious iron boost*

💥Individual Bottles💥

*This is a complete 7 day Cleanse with enough liquid for the full 7days*

in short the Ultimate Liquid Cleanse is for those who will not prepare meals, just our liquids, & snacks:


Immunity Booster Shot 30ml
Drink half a bottle, rest at night before bed.

bottle of
Green Smoodee

3 -4 hours later
lunch is vanilla shake

3 -4 hours later Same green smoodee

3 -4 hours later dinner
Same vanilla shake

Night shot of Same Immunity Booster

Don't Go Hungry!
if needed,
feel free to inbetween snack on raw veggies, nuts, veggie packed salads
NO caffeine, alcohol, or salt- as they greatly reduce cell's circulation of water
Do drink a min of 2L water inbetween
Just text Us here!



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Do your products have an expiration date?

Absolutely! Because we don't use any preservatives, all our A+ products are subject to expiration. Please see the product label for individual expiration dates.

Does the product need to be refrigerated?

Yes! Just like produce fruits and vegetables need to be refrigerated at 4 degrees or less.