About the Founder

My name is Anthony Pereira, and I am the owner of A+ Smoodees.

A+ is a vegan and gluten-free smoothie facility that simply takes the best of what nature has to offer, and deliciously presents it.

As a Clinical Physiologist that focuses primarily on Active restorative care, I started this company initially as a service to my clients in order to better support their nutritional health.
I contracted a team of registered dieticians, nutritionists, and 2 microbiologists to help me come up with a nutritionally dense lineup of adjustable smoothies that focused on dietic excellence.
This line, based on the intake from my Dietician could be easily adjusted based on presented symptoms, or discussed goals.
Success amongst this base, suggested that I start a ‘more regular & palatable line’ for their eager family members & colleagues..
So this I began to focus on.
2.5 years later, countless focus groups & over 75 revisions, we managed to lock down consistency, aftertaste, shelf-life, and most importantly- taste.
Because let’s face it- it doesn’t matter how healthy something is- if it’s not delicious, people will not stick with it.
The most overlooked key to success is consistency.
Keep them smiling, they’ll keep coming back.
We had done it.
We had came up with a product that focused on dietic excellence, while being most delicious.—
hence our simple, yet profound motto- ‘Healthy Deliciousness.”

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