Our Mission

'to bring Healthy awareness to the masses through deliciousness...'

We are an all-natural, whole food smoothie company, processing and using nothing but what comes directly from the earth. Health is vital! So at A+, we put in research and time to ensure our healthy offerings are actually delicious. You will learn to Love Food!

We strive to take what nature provides, add a bit of love, and present it in the most delicious of ways...

A+ is Healthy Deliciousness…

Supercharge your Life:

Great way to supplement your regular diet with some goodness

Getting in those Greens:

If you find it hard to get the recommended 4-6 servings of greens per day- we can make it easy! 

Goodness on the run:

A great and convenient filler for those on the run or lack of time to get in a proper snack or meal

Detox, Detox, Cleanse:

An increase of greens in your diet is known to cleanse your insides, reset your digestive system, and increase your metabolism 

Filling up on Fiber:

As opposed to losing most of the fibre through juicing, when you Smoodee, you keep all the fibrous goodness, which keeps you fuller longer as well as regular

Energy Boost:

Fruits are a source of carbs giving you some nutritious energy to keep you going! Greens- cellular & Metabolic energy! 

Lasting, not Crashing Energy:

Fruits + Fiber = long lasting energy that feels great!

Cravings be Gone:

When your body needs nutrients or calories, it screams for something, anything—those screams manifest as cravings. Enjoy a Smoodee packed with nutrient-dense goodness to keep cravings quiet.

Getting Unstuck:

Greens help scrub your insides and therefore help improve your intestinal health. Your bowel movements will be better and more regular!

Illness occurs when our bodies are acidic. Ingesting healthy greens which are alkaline will balance our inner PH, making our body smile from the inside out!

Kids... Are you Kidding??

Watch your kids smile as they drink their greens—and they don’t even know it!! Need we say more?

Shiny and Strong Skin, Nails, and Hair:

Eating lots of veggies, fruits and some seeds gives you a super-charged amount Vit E, A, calcium, and other goodies, which gives you those beautiful results…

Cheaper & Better than Fast Food:

Think of how much you pay for a fast-food meal. when at about bucks serving- can enjoy healthy and tasty snack

Quick and Available Energy:

Liquid is much easier to absorb and digest than solids—so you’ll get the goodness into your body real quick

Another way to get in that Life-Giving Liquid:

Besides the water naturally found in the veggies and fruits, there’s much more to enjoy- like fiber and naturally occurring electrolytes that help you stay hydrated

Never get Bored:

With countless Smoodee flavor combinations, additions and even subtractions – You are always giving your tastebuds something new to look forward to

always consider these 2 important factors:
what do they do... 
what you need…

1) what the foods you ingest does for you

Let’s use our Smoodee as an example: 

  • the greens help you with digestion, absorption, and mini-detoxes!
  • the fruits are carbohydrates that provide you with energy
  • the seeds provide you with protein that aid in muscle maintenance & development (they even provide healthy fats!)

 See?—just like that! Now try doing that for all the foods you can think of, or practice by going into your kitchen and see how well you can identify what the foods you have on hand do for you.


2) what your body requires at any given time

  • when do you need those greens? Let’s say always!! We are always eating, so we can always use help with better/optimal digestion. Sometimes we don’t always eat perfectly, and to help us rid our insides of some accumulated ‘blah’, they help us with detoxing or eliminating waste 
  • when do you need carbs? How about for energy to get you going in the morning? or a burst before a workout? but do you need it right before bed, or when you’re just sitting around doing nothing 
  • when do you need extra protein? 
    Are you going to be using your muscles. have you just used your muscles? are you trying to maintain or build more muscle?


Sure we want to eat healthy- but it’s just as important to eat functionally. Start planning your meals accordingly and you’ll see an increase in performance and have a better handle on your nutrition related goals.

Remember, we would love for you to keep learning and be able to help yourselves, so go on-line, get some books, do your research to help you understand. If you need any further help, clarification, or want to learn more, contact our registered dieticians for a personalized consultation today!