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Matcho Man Energy Pack (7 Days)

Matcho Man Energy Pack (7 Days)


‘Eat Right to FLEX right…’

Immunity Boosters to Reset & Boost Your Metabolism


STAMINA Punch- loaded with Ginger, Blueberry, Beets, & Matcha
Beets- to Cleanse blood & promote increased circulation (yep, you know to where) Matcha- Pure High Grade Japanese Green Tea Matcha to give you the extra Boost & Blood Flow when needed)

Pumpkin Seed Powder to Boost Your Protein, Iron & Zinc (look it UP)

*Very important to know that after the week, you can maintain with Powder & Stamina Punch* 

  • 60ml Immunity first thing in AM
  • 285ml STAMINA punch shortly after
  • 285ml STAMINA punch mid-afternoon/before chosen activity
  • 500ml favorite milk (We love chocolate or vanilla Almond Milk!!)/coconut water/smoothie/pure juice/water
    mix in 3tbsp of Pumpkin Seed Powder
    **it's gotta taste good, or you won't stay with it- so try different options
  • whenever your day requires high powered snack, or refuel after activity
  • 60ml Immunity Booster after-dinner digestion
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      Do your products have an expiration date?

      Absolutely! Because we don't use any preservatives, all our A+ products are subject to expiration. Please see the product label for individual expiration dates.

      Does the product need to be refrigerated?

      Yes! Just like produce fruits and vegetables need to be refrigerated at 4 degrees or less.