Power Cleanse
Power Cleanse

Power Cleanse

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Power Cleanse

A Deeper, even Greener Cleanse than our EASY PEASY.
Keep muscles quenched, metabolism charged & your immune system heightened, while powerful Digestive Boosters help heal, restore, & strengthen your body, as it goes through it's Cleanse 

  • 2 Customized Green Smoodees per day with Extra Cleansing Power
  • 7 Days worth of our Get Right Immune Boosters
  • 7 Days worth of Pumpkin Seed Powder 
  • Our Personalized 7 Day Meal Plan for optimal success
  • Video guide on our Detox page of how to mix our Delicious Cleanse
  • Questions or concerns, email beforehand & request a 20min consultation



Immunity Booster Shot 30ml 

20mins after

Green Smoodee (Mix together)

- 250 ml of green

- 250 liquid water 

- 2 tsp a+ powder 


3 -4 hours later 

lunch veggies/salad & protein 

3 -4 hours later green smoodee with powder 

3 -4 hours later dinner

veggies/salad + protein 

Night shot of Immunity Booster

*snack on nuts & raw veggies inbetween if needed/desired

*MUST drink a min of 2L of Water throughout 



now not everyone is used to the taste of cool, refreshing greens (even though we make it to be ACTUALLY delicious--yes, ask someone)...

so when mixing your smoodee, make sure you make it the way YOU will ACTUALLY drink it! 
🔸BEST RESULTS (mixed with water/almond milk/coconut milk)
🔸need a BIT SWEETER (coconut water)
🔸STILL SWEETER?? (pure pressed pineapple juice, or another 100% not from concentrate juice)

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