Easy Peasy Sip & Cleanse
Easy Peasy Sip & Cleanse
Easy Peasy Sip & Cleanse

Easy Peasy Sip & Cleanse

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Easy Peasy Sip & Cleanse Pakk

No Stress- Just Sip & Refresh!

What's better for Your Metabolism than starting & ending your day with our Get Right  Booster to reset & brighten your digestive system?

All while treating your body to the Cleansing goodness of 2 Customized Green Smoodees per day, which contains enough micro-nutrients and greens to make your body smile on the inside, and shine happily on the outside!

  • Wake up take 35ml of our Get Right Booster
  • 10min later 285ml of Greens (sip as is, or add your favorite liquid to dilute)
  • Have another 285ml of Greens between lunch and dinner
  • Before bed take another 35ml of our Get Right Booster
  • Drink a minimum of 2L of water per day
  • Try to eliminate/limit 'bad/junky stuff

See--Easy Peasy!!


now not everyone is used to the taste of cool, refreshing greens (even though we make it to be ACTUALLY delicious--yes, ask someone)...

so when mixing your smoodee, make sure you make it the way YOU will ACTUALLY drink it! 
🔸BEST RESULTS (mixed with water/almond milk/coconut milk)
🔸need a BIT SWEETER (coconut water)
🔸STILL SWEETER?? (pure pressed pineapple juice, or another 100% not from concentrate juice)

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