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Stronger Women’s Pack (7 Days)

(Endocrine Hormone Support, Iron Support, Magnesium, & Natural Protein- ever wonder what the essential building blocks of hormones are—yep, protein!!)

Fibroids, Cycles, Menapausal, All-around Strength & Better Moods


*Immunity Boosters to help with internal inflammation, digestive health

*Delicious Recovery Almond Shakes (no cocoa- look up why)..for IRON (yes, 35%) Magnesium (yes, 90%) cramping, headaches, sleeplessness Protein boosted with Maca for even more Endocrine & Hormone Support.

**Important that you adjust meals during this AMAZING process (try to eat as clean as possible)

**you will be replacing breakfast with a shake

**you can either replace dinner with a shake as well or have 250ml post-lunch & then 250ml with or after dinner (dinner must be all veggies or salad & PROTEIN)

  • 60ml IM BOOSTER first thing in AM
  • 500ml Vanilla meal replacement Power shake for breakfast or midmorning snack

Next your choice of:

500ml Gingerbread (Anti-inflam) replacement shake for Lunch


250ml shake before dinner/after workout & 250ml sometime before bed (light dinner)

or replace dinner 500ml Shake

  • 60ml Immunity before bed
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      Do your products have an expiration date?

      Absolutely! Because we don't use any preservatives, all our A+ products are subject to expiration. Please see the product label for individual expiration dates.

      Does the product need to be refrigerated?

      Yes! Just like produce fruits and vegetables need to be refrigerated at 4 degrees or less.

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