PSP Nutritional Facts

A+ Pumpkin Seed Powder
Organically Vegan & Gluten Free

High Protein!
High Iron!
Only one main ingredient,
slightly nutty taste
1 serving = 35% Daily Iron + 20g Protein/Serving


that's it. Exactly how nature intended.

Styrian pumpkins plucked right from their beautiful patch.

Their seeds are then soaked in an old school oak vat, with a touch of Syrian mountain salt to draw oil to the surface, and then the oil is pressed. 

The remaining product is then Milled to the perfect texture to be smoothly mixed in your favourite beverage, sprinkled as a topping, or replace dry ingredients when baking up HealthyDeliciousness. 


What you're left with is A naturally organic, vegan, and gluten-free whole food, that serves up as scoops of deliciousness, but with the potential for addressing so many of today's nutritional deficiencies and growing health concerns.

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