Covid-19 Company Information

 Caring for our Community:

A+Smoodees Inc. is committed to caring for the health and well-being of our customers and our employees.   

As we navigate through this COVID-19 pandemic, we have made a number of changes to ensure we continue to offer a safe environment for our customers to shop in and our staff to come to work. 

Creating a Safe Environment for Our Customers:

  • Increased Routine Cleaning:  Increased sanitization of common areas such as countertops, production area & all door handles inside & outside. Sanitization stations have been set up at the front entrance of all of our stores for staff use. 
  • Prioritizing Good Hygiene Practices: Implementing continuous reminders about good hygiene practices and reminding staff to wash hands every 15 minutes  
  • Safer Storage for Prepared Foods: A+ Smoodees INC. products are individually packaged & sealed and do not come in contact with anyone other that A+ Smoodees Inc. employees.
  • Cafe Walk-In: Suspended until further notice to ensure optimal product quality and eliminate any possibility for contamination. 
  • A+Smoodees Location: We have moved production operation to a regulated Halton Health Kitchen Facility.
  • Staying Informed: Closely monitoring the situation, and regularly providing all of our store staff with the most up-to-date safety guidelines, as recommended by Health Canada and other health officials
  • Contactless Pickup: Curb-side Pickup for A+ Smoodees Inc. is available. Please call us and we will have an A+ Smoodees member come and give you your order outside.

Caring for our Staff:

  • We are listening to and understanding the concerns of our staff
  • While we are encouraging our staff to follow Canadian health authority guidance as they serve, we do not force anyone to work
  • We have implemented measures to help ease them during this time

Public Gratitude:

As we continue to monitor the information provided we would like to thank everyone who is doing their part on the front-line as well as simply helping neighbours or staying home to help prevent the spread. Although this is a troubling rare time, we at A+ Smoodees are thankful to be able to witness the strength of community and therefore, are proud to call ourselves a Proudly Canadian Company. Together through power of community and support we will overcome this and be stronger.


A+ Smoodees Inc.

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