About Us

Our Mission:

'to bring healthy awareness to the masses through Deliciousness...'


to help everyone better understand Food- what they consume, why they consume it, and just how Amazing all natural food can be to your body!



through delicious, All-Natural Smoodees.


Anyone can give you a delicious tasting drink, but take a moment and think about what you consume and how it serves you and your body.

Health is vital. So at A+, we put in research and time to ensure our healthy offerings are actually delicious. Let's learn to Love Food!

Yep, Healthy Deliciousness:

We employed a team of dietitians, nutritionists, and a macro-biologist to help us come up with an extremely healthy base of customizable beverages. Then we spent the next 2.5 years ensuring that these nutritionally dense bases were actually delicious.

While it is encouraged to maintain a healthy balanced diet, our personally customized Smoodees make a great addition, and can even fill many nutritional gaps.

Everyone is different, everyone has specific needs--so why shouldn't your Smoodee be catered to You?

Start it for the love of the taste, then continue for the way your body starts to love you back.